Oil Movements is frequently cited by industry news services – Reuters, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. It also figures regularly as a data source for leading industry publications - such as weekly Petroleum Argus - and by the OPEC secretariat.

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From The Wall Street Journal - October 16 2000

"....These aren't the musings of some academic. Mr. Mason publishes a
weekly report, Oil Movements, that heavily influences the projections
of petroleum experts and, ultimately, affects the price of petroleum

From Dow Jones Newswires - April 22 2004

"....Tankers are carrying Persian Gulf oil to the west at levels normally seen only during peak winter demand, Oil Movements said Thursday.

Over the past four weeks, the amount of oil heading west from the Gulf has increased by 10 million barrels, to 160 million barrels, 16% more than the same time last year, said Roy Mason"

From Reuters - May 6 2004

"....Crude oil shipments from the Middle East to major customers worldwide climbed month-on-month to mid-May in further evidence that OPEC was continuing to pump over quota, a leading oil shipping analyst said on Thursday.....'So the only evidence that exists for a reduction in OPEC output according to these figures is a brief interval from mid-March through to mid-April and that volume reduction is about 800,000 barrels per day' Mason said"

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